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New Releases: New versions of iclones, rcf and rcfviewer have been released. – Apr 13, 2012

What is

Many software systems contain a signifcant number of clones—duplicated passages of source code. We—the Software Engineering Group at the University of Bremen—have initiated this project to promote the exchange and analysis of code clones. Therefore, we offer our tools so you can download, try, and use them. In particular, we offer the following tools:

iclones Our token-based and incremental clone detection tool.
rcf The rich clone format—a standardized and extensible format to ease the storage and exchange of clone information.
cyclone Our multi-perspective tool for analyzing code clone evolution.
rcfviewer Our generic viewer application for RCF clone data.

IWSC 2014

The 8th International Workshop on Software Clones has been announced. It will be part of the CSMR-WCRE workshop programm and take place in Antwerp, Belgium. Please visit the official website for more information: