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 class CloneClasses
          The CloneClass relation.
 class ClonePairs
          The ClonePair relation.
 class Directories
          The Directory relation.
 class Files
          The File relation.
 class Fragments
          The Fragment relation.
 class Metadatas
          The Metadata relation.
 class ProcessDatas
          The ProcessData relation.
 class SourcePositions
          The SourcePosition relation.
 class Versions
          The Version relation.

Methods in that return Relation
 Relation<Entry> AbstractRCF.addRelation(String name)
 Relation<? extends Entry> Attribute.getReferencedRelation()
          Get the relation this attribute's values are instances of.
 Relation<Version> Version.getRelation()
 Relation<? extends Entry> ValueList.getRelation()
 Relation<SourcePosition> SourcePosition.getRelation()
 Relation<ProcessData> ProcessData.getRelation()
 Relation<Metadata> Metadata.getRelation()
 Relation<Fragment> Fragment.getRelation()
 Relation<File> File.getRelation()
 Relation<? extends Entry> Entry.getRelation()
          Get the relation this entry belongs to
 Relation<Directory> Directory.getRelation()
 Relation<ClonePair> ClonePair.getRelation()
 Relation<CloneClass> CloneClass.getRelation()
 Relation<? extends Entry> Attribute.getRelation()
          Get the relation the attribute belongs to.
 Relation<Entry> AbstractRCF.getRelation(String name)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Relation
 List<Relation<Entry>> AbstractRCF.getRelations()

Methods in with parameters of type Relation
 Attribute Relation.addAttribute(String name, AttributeType type, Relation<? extends Entry> referencedRelation, boolean isList, boolean isEnum, String... enumValues)
          Creates a new attribute.
 Attribute Relation.addReferenceAttribute(String name, Relation<? extends Entry> referencedRelation)
 Attribute Relation.addReferenceListAttribute(String name, AttributeType type, Relation<? extends Entry> referencedRelation)

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