University of BremenSoftware Engineering Group

Detailed Performance Evaluation

Here you can find the detailed results of the performance evaluation of approx. The results include measurements obtained using query patterns of different lengths. Each query pattern was taken from a code fragment of the subject systems that was identified to be defective. Moreover, each run has been repeated using different thresholds to tolerate differences for each pattern. That is, a search has been performed for each query pattern three times tolerating 0%, 10%, and 20% differences.

You will find the results of our performance evaluation in the following order:


Pattern length: 248 tokens

DrJava-248-0 DrJava-248-10 DrJava-248-20

Pattern length: 133 tokens

DrJava-133-0 DrJava-133-10 DrJava-133-20

Pattern length: 121 tokens

DrJava-121-0 DrJava-121-10 DrJava-121-20

Pattern length: 116 tokens

DrJava-116-0 DrJava-116-10 DrJava-116-20

Pattern length: 82 tokens

DrJava-82-0 DrJava-82-10 DrJava-82-20

Pattern length: 67 tokens

DrJava-67-0 DrJava-67-10 DrJava-67-20

Pattern length: 65 tokens

DrJava-65-0 DrJava-65-10 DrJava-65-20

Pattern length: 48 tokens

DrJava-48-0 DrJava-48-10 DrJava-48-20

Pattern length: 45 tokens

DrJava-45-0 DrJava-45-10 DrJava-45-20

Pattern length: 44 tokens

DrJava-44-0 DrJava-44-10 DrJava-44-20


Pattern length: 151 tokens

jEdit-151-0 jEdit-151-10 jEdit-151-20

Pattern length: 122 tokens

jEdit-122-0 jEdit-122-10 jEdit-122-20

Pattern length: 113 tokens

jEdit-113-0 jEdit-113-10 jEdit-113-20

Pattern length: 98 tokens

jEdit-98-0 jEdit-98-10 jEdit-98-20

Pattern length: 84 tokens

jEdit-84-0 jEdit-84-10 jEdit-84-20

Pattern length: 80 tokens

jEdit-80-0 jEdit-80-10 jEdit-80-20

Pattern length: 79 tokens

jEdit-79-0 jEdit-79-10 jEdit-79-20

Pattern length: 57 tokens

jEdit-57-0 jEdit-57-10 jEdit-57-20

Pattern length: 54 tokens

jEdit-54-0 jEdit-54-10 jEdit-54-20

Pattern length: 45 tokens

jEdit-45-0 jEdit-45-10 jEdit-45-20