February 3rd, 2014, Antwerp, Belgium

In conjunction with CSMR-WCRE'14

IWSC 2014

Software clones are identical or similar pieces of code, design or other artifacts. Clones are known to be closely related to various issues in software engineering, such as software quality, complexity, architecture, refactoring, evolution, licensing, plagiarism, and so on. Various characteristics of software systems can be uncovered through clone analysis, and system restructuring can be performed by merging clones. The purpose of this workshop is to continue to solidify and give shape to this research area and community. More specifically, the goals are to bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to evaluate the current state of research and applications, discuss common problems, discover new opportunities for collaboration, exchange ideas, envision new areas of research and applications, and explore synergies with similarity analysis in other areas and disciplines.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Use cases of clone management in the software lifecycle
  • Experiences with clone management in practice
  • Types, distribution, and nature of clones in software systems
  • Causes and effects of clones
  • Techniques and algorithms for clone detection, analysis, and management
  • Clone and clone patterns visualization
  • Tools and systems for detecting software clones
  • Applications of clone detection and analysis
  • System architecture and clones
  • Effect of clones to system complexity and quality
  • Clone analysis in families of similar systems
  • Measures of code similarity
  • Economic and trade-off models for clone removal
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of clone detection methods
  • Licensing and plagiarism issues
  • Clone-aware software design and development
  • Refactoring through clone analysis
  • Higher-level clones in models and designs
  • Clone evolution and variation
  • Role of clones in software system evolution